Louise S. Almgren, Ceritified Advanced Rolfer


Louise S. Almgren, Ceritified Advanced Rolfer

---" Det är en otroligt behaglig behandling"

--- "Jag känner verkligen att jag blir behandlad" 

--- "Måste bara ”avrapportera” denna sena timme. Min vän var helt lyrisk (efter sin första behandling) och vi har haft (vänner) på middag...jag berättade om det fantastiska du gör och min kära make, (observera både man och ingenjör, tror du förstår vad jag menar), kunde vittna om den stora förändring som skett med mig. Så tacksam att du finns och har kommit hem hit så att vi får tillgång till ditt fantastiska hantverk! Blev framförallt glad att (min vän) var så uppfylld, hennes kommentar helt hastigt då vi ju hade gäster, var att ”det är den här hjälpen jag behöver”. "

--- "Du har lyckats. Mina fötter krampar inte längre och det är så mycket lättare att gå nerför trappor. Är sååå glad och tacksam!"

--- "Thanks for checking in. I am doing pretty well. My arm now only hurts when I use the computer mouse and after our session I had so much energy. I found myself "feeling good" for awhile for the first time since the accident. So migraine either and I love that my throat area doesn't feel like concrete anymore. It isn't quite as loose as right after you worked on it...but it is better than it was. I also noticed I was able to walk faster than I have since the accident. Thanks so much for your work and your support!" 

--- "I feel much better emotionally and physically after my session Friday. Thank you!" 

--- "Extraordinary Session!" 

--- "Thanks Louise , I'm excited by the changes I feel in my body and Balance . Thanks for the thought you bring to your work. I enjoy working with you." 

--- "Thursday was hard. Riding home felt OK but walking MeiMei was uncomfortable and picking poo was hard. Did some yard work after and was always aware of the pain in my right hip. After that I felt exhausted and my hip was quite painful. Fortunately on Friday things had resolved themselves and I felt good (movements nice and loose, no pain , standing taller) walking MeiMei felt really good and so did swimming energy was good (2800yds). Today I have some pain again in the right hip but now it's lower in the thigh, might be from the kicking I was doing yesterday, my back feels nice and loose, hope the pain goes away soon." 

--- "Hi Louise, I want to thank you again and again for helping me along the pathway to mobility and functioning. I now have NEW new knees! Pain much reduced, especially in my right knee, and mobility much more towards normal! A lot to accomplish in one (albeit long) session. Great hands and great instincts! Thank you for your attention. I know I can get better strength now. Wunderbar!" 

--- "Thanks for the great session. I was not tired, and I slept well. I do feel a bit taller, with more lift in my front and head." 

--- "Thanks for the sessions yesterday. My body feels good today and I was even comfortable doing my hot yoga class this morning. Your recommendation for the epsom salt bath was spot on. I'll continue to be conscious of lowering my shoulders and breathing into my back. One thing I have noticed that is a nice surprise- my mental state today is quite light and bright. I have a feeling that your rolfing is releasing more than just my physical body 😊 "

--- "Thank you for the treatment yesterday. My forehead feel different - more "expansive" is the best way to describe it. My body also feel different, in a good way, from the rolfing. I look forward to my next treatment."